5 Reasons to Choose Adobe Animate CC software

The Animation is the great tool to engage the audience and convey your story. The Animation industry is now growing with high end software applications. There are lot of animation software’s available on the market with advanced features for your animation work.
Most of the animation lovers and beginners may have heard about Adobe Flash software. The Adobe flash software had been in service over 10 years and retired in 2015. Now the Adobe Animate CC has replaced old Adobe Flash software.
We are going to give you an idea and guidance on choosing Adobe Animate software based on parameters such as price, tools, support, learning curve and ease of use. This will help you to find better decision on selecting Adobe Animate CC software for your animation tasks.
1. Feature Rich Tools
Adobe Animate has many potential features and smooth interface to create animations with less effort. Here we giving a overview of some main features of Adobe Animate for you to understand better.
The frame by frame control is great and easy to understand in Adobe animate software. You can create key frame control over as many objects and layers as you want. The timeline window has large graph, that allows you to easily edit the movement by changing the curve profile.

The Adobe Animate uses advanced bone tool to create character rigs for natural and dynamic movement. This tool allows the user to easily edit limb and body position from frame to frame. This bone tool uses IK bone property panel with lot of options for your animation.

The Adobe Animate has Virtual camera feature that helps you to simulate movement of camera giving your animation a more realistic view. This virtual camera also allows you to provide effect like pan, zoom and rotate to your animation.

The Audio Sync feature is very useful tool that helps to match the mouth poses according to the audio inflection. This feature makes your lip-sync animation quick and easy and saves time for animators.

Animators can export their animations to multiple options like HTML5, WebGL and custom SVG format. The exporting of your animation to multiple platform helps to reach huge audience on mobile and desktop. Users also have option export their animation in old flash player format (SWF).

2. Price
Adobe Animate software is the stable and powerful tool, widely used in the animation industry to create cartoons, Movies and YouTube videos. Adobe animate has many tools for your animation and flash games. Adobe offers several pricing packages to users for their convenience.

a) Individual Package – $20.99/month for Animate App & $52.99/month for All Adobe Apps
b) Business Package – $33.99/month for Animate App & $79.99/month for All Adobe Apps
c) Students & Teachers –  $19.99/month for All Adobe Apps for first year (60% off)

Paying $21 per month is the good deal, Since Adobe is an industry creative leader that offers variety of tools and customer support for its price. You will also get lot of updates during your subscription. So this Adobe Animate effective tool helps you to complete your animation project without any problem with this budget price.

3. Tutorial and Support
Adobe Animate software includes a basic level of tutorial that gives beginner level of training on tools and features. This software also has “How-to” online material in the Adobe help center for your learning. Besides, lot of training video tutorials are available in online platforms like You tube, Udemy and many more.

There is a dedicated customer service available through Phone, chat and mail support for your queries related to animation and tools. Adobe has built the FAQ forum for your general queries about animation.

Adobe Animate is a widely used tool, so you can find lot of community forums in the online. Here you can get answers from experts who have been in the industry for many years. This tutorial and support are good enough to start and expand your knowledge for your animation.

4. Ease of Use
This Adobe Animate software is easy to use for those who have been already experienced in Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects and so on. This Adobe cloud suite is an one-stop solution for all your animation related work.

Adobe Animate has simple and clean user interface that helps animators to work easily. This software provides opportunity to users can customize the toolbar according to their needs. This is very useful for animator to make their project seamlessly.

Adobe Animate performs well on Tablet devices with stylish pen. This will be very helpful for the animators who draw the sketches by free hand. The tools and interface of Adobe animate software makes it easy for professionals and beginners to use.

5. Learning Curve
The Adobe animate offers a simple and clean interface that makes it easy for Professionals, industry related hobbyist to switch from other animation software by spend less learning time. However, The beginner need to spend more hours on tutorials, classes and practicing activities.

Adobe provides lot of video tutorials and support that makes your learning curve much faster. Once you have proficient with this software and you can easily complete the complex project with its advanced features. So beginners needs better dedication on learning to become a professional in animation work.

Final Verdict
Adobe products are known as creative and stable program that provides intuitive tools to artists. Several price packages are available to animators to choose as per their convenience. Adobe offers its products at very competitive price with lot of support and updates.

One-stop solution of Adobe cloud suites helps to complete your animation work without any problem. Customized toolbar and advanced features saves more time to animator on their complex projects.

Professionals, dedicated hobbyists need less time to understand this Adobe Animate than other software’s. Plenty of tutorials and community support helps beginner to work on animation projects by spending less learning time with dedication.

This Adobe Animate software is suitable for creating Animated movies, cartoons, advertisements, marketing videos, games and more. So choosing Adobe animate and Cloud suites is a good way for your animation project. This will help to reach huge audience in the market.

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