Is Celaction 2D free?

Animation Introduction

2D animation is the creation of object moments in two-dimensional work space. These objects include characters, animals, backgrounds and creators, etc… The object movement is created by a sequence of drawings over time.This is how the 2D animation is created. 

The animation drawing was created by hand sketch during earlier days. Nowadays, a lot of softwares are available that helps to create 2D animation with the help of computers. 

There are many 2D animation software available in the market that help the animator to create professional animation. Here we take a look at Celaction 2D software, the powerful and best choice of leading studios and professional animators.

This animation software is sometimes available in free or paid version.

Celaction 2D Types

Celaction 2D

Celaction2d is a useful software mainly used in commercial film and Advertisements. This software uses a skeleton method for rigging. It makes animation easy and can be used anytime.

Vector photos, scanned images and 3D CGI, drawing files from other animation software can be easily imported for animation. This Celaction 2d supports the animator to create animation quickly with perfect finish.

Celaction 2D Animatic 

Celaction Animatic is the storyboarding tool that helps the animator to concentrate and fine tune on scripts, drawings and camera motion. This tool supports adding sounds and music to the storyboard, which improves the production quality of the animation in a short period of time.

Celaction2d best futures

Simple User Interface

The Celaction 2D animation software has dockable tool panels that helps the animator to work on multiple monitors. This tool has a lot of special effects to visualize the animation with shorter time. The special effect can be created and stored in the library for reuse.

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 Import of drawings

This software has the facility to import 2D drawings from various software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator etc. This helps reduce production time and focus on animation. Hand sketches can be scanned and imported easily with this software.

Skeleton library and IK tool

This Celaction 2d has an inverse kinematics tool that lets you create different poses for characters and models. This celaction2d has a lip sync tool that changes the shape of the mouth over time to match the background voice.

The skeleton library in Celaction 2D software is used to store the rigged characters, bitmap and vector images. The Saved rigging models can be reused for future projects, reducing production time.

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Rendering and Preview

This celaction2d is designed for 2D rendering and is capable of exporting animation in SWF format for mobile and web applications. This software can render the project in high and low resolution.

Celaction 2d Price

The Celaction 2D tool is available with two versions namely Studio and educational edition. Celaction 2d Studio Edition is available with 110 USD per month or 895 USD per year. You need to send a mail to for getting the price of the educational version. you may chance to get the offer price for educational version of Celaction 2D.

You can check the latest price of Celaction 2d software by clicking here.

Celaction 2d Animatic price

This software is available with perpetual licence price of 449 USD. simply write mail to for more details of Celaction 2D Animatic software.

Celaction 2d is free 

The Celaction2d Studio version is not available for free. Studio version is available with monthly and yearly subscription. You can rent a celaction2d Studio edition on a monthly or fixed term basis.

This gives flexibility to animators to only pay what they use. This pricing plan keeps software costs down for the animator.

The Pricing for Celaction 2d Education Edition can be obtained from Their support team will provide you the best offer price as per your requirement. 

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