Celaction 2D Review – The Perfect Professional Animation Software


The 2D Animation is the movement of objects and characters in two-dimensional space. There are lot of 2D animation software’s are available on the market to create cartoons, animated movies, TV serials, commercials and educational materials.

Celaction 2D is one of the best industry leading 2D animation software for creating high quality content. This software is often preferred by professional animators and leading animation industries for their animation projects. Now let’s see the features of Celaction 2D animation software in detail.

1. Bitmap and Vector drawing
The Celaction 2D software does not have separate drawing tools for creating vector backgrounds and characters. This software uses sketches created from Photoshop, illustrator, GIMP for their animation work.

This vector drawings assets can be stored in library for reuse. This Celaction 2D software can able to handle millions of visible vector vertices on each frame of animation. You can scale the vector elements up or down without any limits.

This software also supports bitmap drawings and layers for their animation work. This software allows you to import bitmap images up to 60 Mega pixels in size. But low resolution bitmap images helps speed up your animation and rendering process.

2. Rigging
The skeleton is developed to rig the character models on the working area. This skeleton can be stored in the library and reused easily. This saves a lot of time and speeds up the animation process.

This software uses motion paths for smooth movement of characters and also allows to import motion path curves from illustrator software. This software has an advanced inverse kinematics tool, that helps to pose your character easily and accurately.

Multiple audio samples can be used in this software for lip-sync process and background music. You can start the audio sample in different frames if necessary. This gives more flexibility and better control on audio samples for your animation project.

3. Special Effects
The Celaction 2D has 60+ special effects, that visually enrich your animation with less effort. This software allows animators to create special effects and reuse them. This helps to animate the parameters of special effects over the frames quickly and easily.

This software supports import of 3D CGI models and allows positioning anywhere in the workspace. This process helps to setup complex environments and allows the camera to rotate on all three axes of the scene.

4. Rendering
The preview option in this software helps to view your scene in low resolution. This helps to finalize the scene as per your wish. Then you can render the animation at any resolution including PAL, NTSC, HDTV. This software also allows to render the animation in SWF format for mobile and web applications.

This software can able to support high quality and huge volume production of animation according to the current demanding market.

5. Price & Verdict
This Celaction 2D software is available in four versions as per the market need. These are

a. Studio Edition – $1350
b. Profession Edition – $949
c. Educational Edition – free for reorganized educational institutions
d. Profession Edition with Oneplus Module – $1599

This Celaction 2D software easily manages complex project with less time. This software has dockable panel, that allows you to work on multiple monitors. Similarly lot of features makes this software as a most powerful one in the animation industry.

This software is suitable for professionals and large animation companies to create high quality cartoons, films and commercials.

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