Best Alternative 2D Animation software for Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate CC is a 2D animation software and was formerly known as Flash. This Adobe Animate software helps the animator to create vector graphics animation for TV serials, movies, online videos and games.

This Adobe animate software is widely used by large studios and professionals for their animation projects. This software offers wide variety of options to make animation quick and easy. 

But some studios and animators may be looking for advanced 2D animation software to turn their ideas into movies. So we found best 2D animation software’s that is alternative to Adobe Animate CC. Below is a list of 2D animation software’s, that helps the animator to get an overview of alternative software. 

1. Toon Boom Harmony

This Toon Boom Harmony is the best choice for many leading animation studios and professionals. This software offers lot of tools and options to make it the best 2D animation software. The learning curve is steep for beginners, but it is good for professional animation.

This software allows you to import 3D object in 2D environment to make more realistic animation. This software uses inverse kinematic feature that helps you to create advanced cut-out animation quickly and easily.


  1. Advanced brush engine tool
  2. 2D and 3D integration
  3. Special effects and camera angles for profession animation
  4. Advanced cut-out animation and traditional paperless animation
  5. Import Multi layer PSD files, bitmaps and export to game engines


  • Harmony Essentials – $19 per month
  • Harmony Advanced –  $48 per month
  • Harmony Premium  –  $90 per month

2. Moho Pro

 Moho pro is the more efficient 2D animation tool that helps to complete complex project and saves time from tedious workflow. The Moho pro features a bitmap frame by frame capabilities that allows you to create traditional style animation directly with bitmap drawing tools.

This software supports import of 3D objects and helps to modify the 3D object materials settings and textures. Moho pro has smart bones system that removes distortion around the joints like knees and elbows. This software has lot of options to simplify the workflow and complete complex projects. 


  1. Improved bitmap free hand drawing tools
  2. Smart bone feature
  3. editing option for 3D Object Material and lighting 
  4. Depth shifting
  5. Preview anmiation and GPU acceleration
  • Moho Debut : $59.99 / year
  • Moho Pro     : $399.99 / year
3. Synfig Studio
Synfig studio is open source 2D animation software that is suitable for cut-out style animation. This software has simplified User interface that makes it easy for beginners as well as professionals to understand. This software uses full featured bone tool to animate bitmap images and vector drawings.
This software uses Papagayo-NG software for lip sync animation and audio background editing. This software has a preview tool to view and verify the animation you have made. This software offers lot of tools to compete with other animation software’s.
  1. powerful vector drawing tools
  2. Bone feature for cut-out style animation
  3. Lip synchronization and background music addition
  4. Animation Control by Mathematical expression
  5. Supports files from Inkscape, GIMP software’s
Price : Free
 4. Celaction 2D
 The Celaction 2D is the best 2D animation software for creating professional animation. This software is preferred by many animation studios and professional for their animation work. This software has improved rigging system that simplifies the animation process and saves lot of time.
There are 60+ special effects that helps to improve your animation visual with less effort. This software supports import of 3D objects and position easily in 2D environment. This software is preferable for high quality and high volume production.
  1. User defined workspace floating or dockable panels
  2. Supports SVG and PSD files
  3. Global vector pallettes
  4. Fast Rigging
  5. Use multiple Cameras
  6. Render to any resolution or aspect ratio
  • Studio Edition – $1350
  • Professional Edition – $949
  • Professional Edition with Oneplus module – $1599 

The above 4 software’s are an alternative to Adobe Animate CC and they are best in the class for creating professional animation. We hope this list will help you to choose the best software according to your need. 

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